Prioritizing Quality Sleep Today for Energy Tomorrow

As the long summer days come to an end, many of us find that our schedules are picking up and extra hours in the day seem to disappear. This is the time to pause and ask: Am I getting enough sleep? Most adults should get 7-9 hours of sleep every night, according to The National Sleep Foundation. Sleep helps us improve memory, boost our immune system and prepare us for the day ahead. Often, busy schedules push sleep aside as a priority, and we rely on our morning coffee or other stimulants to combat the undesirable side effects of a lack of sleep. So what can we do about this? What steps can we take to combat sleepless nights and improve our quality of sleep? How can this be done in a natural

The most important step in recovery

Despite the major advances in medicine today, there are no magic pills promising and delivering transformation from illness into wellness. There is, however, a growing pool of evidence pointing toward diet, digestion and lifestyle modifications as supportive of health optimization or what naturopathic doctors call "a return to health". Even these don't hold the power of "the most important step in recovery", which is aligning your mind with healing. What does it mean to 'align your mind with healing'? It may be hard to believe, but healing (or remaining ill) actually begins with how you think about your health. That's right, your thoughts can change the course of your health! Most of the

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