Straight Talk About Immunoglobulins

"Testing, testing, testing!!!" This is the battlecry of government officials as we move closer to getting our nation opened and the idea of interacting with one another gets real. Are you feeling ready and able, or do you feel trepidation about heading out again? The trepidation expressed by our officials comes from the fact that nobody really knows what's going to happen. That's correct, nobody knows. They are creating guidelines for states based on assumptions and current data trends; however, some of the data being collected and used is facing sharp scrutiny about its validity. Part of the guidelines for "re-opening" the states is that there must be a 14-day downward trend in reported f

Your Immune System Needs Naturopathic Medicine

It's safe to say that the past month has fundamentally changed us as a population. We will never be the same, but let's not forget that changing and adapting are what we do as living organisms. Without change there is no growth. This includes dealing with infections, illness and sometimes loss of life. These are the facts of life albeit difficult to experience. Illness (and the attempt at recovery) is so critical to our development that without we would not last long as a species in this environment. If you think about it for a second, you'll realize that not one of us has been successful in avoiding illness. It is truly one thing we all have in common. We ALL get sick from time to ti

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