Who Will Benefit:

GI-1 Clear & Soothe® is designed to help those with less than optimal bowel habits (1-2 well-formed bowel movements per day).  The combination of synergistic ingredients can help regulate symptoms of IBS whether it is from too frequent/loose bowel movements or constipation.


Key Ingredients & Benefits:

Psyllium Husk - indigestible bulk-forming fiber that absorbs water in the intestines enabling muscles to stretch and release properly for a more complete and easy bowel movement.  It also acts as a healthy food source for the “good” bacteria (probiotics) in the colon.  Probiotics offer multiple health benefits including: balanced immune response, healthy skin, healthy cholesterol levels, balanced blood sugar and even balanced mood.  Apple Pectin - a gentle binder to help remove harmful toxins from the body.  Pectin also feeds “good” bacteria in the colon.  Fenugreek - rich in nutrients that support digestive health.  It also has strong anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Cardamom - has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which may help protect against H. pylori infection and help heal stomach ulcers.  Artichoke - supports healthy liver function and helps reduce cholesterol.  It is also known to ease nausea and reduce gas.    Slippery Elm - soothes mucus membranes as a demulcent and has strong anti-inflammatory properties in the digestive tract, lungs, bladder and kidneys

Magnesium citrate & Vitamin C - multiple benefits including: smooth muscle function, anti-oxidant and tissue repair

AIH GI-1 Clear & Soothe

  • Don't like taking capsules???

    Now you can enjoy GI-1 Clear & Soothe in powder form!

    Mixes easily in water or juice and can be added to smoothies!