This vegetarian supplement was formulated to cool inflammation and nourish the heart, brain and immune system. It assists in filtering toxins from the body by supporting a healthy liver, kidneys and bladder. Cir-Q Tonic can be used as a one-a-day to keep your body balanced and healthy and is safe for all ages, including children.

Primary Benefits

  • Assists the immune system as it guards against toxins, viruses and bacteria.
  • Supports the bladder, kidneys and liver as they work to eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Nourishes the blood, heart and brain.
  • Hydrates the eyes, skin, hair, nails and organ tissues with vitamins and minerals.


Key Ingredients

Vitamins: Methylated B vitamins help maintain a healthy heart and immune system. Folate is necessary for healthy cells, DNA synthesis and repair. Vitamin D3 supports strong bones and teeth, maintains a stable nervous system, strengthens the immune system and maintains normal heart rhythm. Vitamins A and C regulate and support the immune system. They also support the lining of the eyes, lungs, respiratory, urinary and intestinal tract.

Antioxidants: Bioflavonoids (citrus) and grape seed are powerful antioxidants that combat free radicals, protecting and strengthening veins, arteries, eyes and skin.

Enzymes: CoQ10 is found in the cellular “power plants” of the body that generate energy. The heart, liver and kidneys store CoQ10 to meet their high energy demands. Smoking, alcohol, stress, aging, chronic illness, beta-blockers and cholesterol lowering drugs deplete CoQ10 stores in the body.

VerVita - Cir-Q Tonic®

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