Minerals and electrolytes play a vital role in maintaining your body's health.  Even a mild deficiency in any one of the major minerals can have far reaching negative effects on metabolic processes. 

Here are just a couple of important roles minerals and electrolytes play:

  • Digestive system function
  • Energy production
  • Hormone production
  • Sleep regulation
  • Muscle function
  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Mood stability
  • and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!


Getting the right amount of vital nutrients in our diet is often very difficult.  Foods just don't carry the same nutrient content as in the past due to the growing conditions in depleted soils.

It's vitally important to supplement in order to ensure adequate daily intake to run all of our body's systems efficiently.


These concentrated mineral drops allow you to get the right nutrients at the right dosage every day.  By creating taste-testers you can determine your body's immediate needs quickly and effectively (see instructions included in your purchase)


This complete set of liquid minerals and testing bottles allows you to supplement individually and track your progress along the way!


This package includes:

  • Nine testing bottles - specially marked for each mineral so you can regularly test yourself and family members
  • 2 oz dropper bottles of each mineral (#1-9) for creating your personalized "mineral drink"
    1. Potassium
    2. Zinc
    3. Magnesium
    4. Copper
    5. Chromium
    6. Manganese
    7. Molybdenum
    8. Selenium
    9. Iodine
  • Taste testing directions and score sheet


Checking and supplementing your mineral status is one of the most important steps in maintaining health!  Doing this through the sense of taste is simple and effective!!



Liquid Minerals #1-9 plus Test Kit (2 oz)

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