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In-home Services

Your life doesn't have to be inconvenienced by a trip to the doctor's office when your doctor is willing to come to you!




In-Home Doctor's Visit

The ultimate in convenience!

The doctor's house-call is back! In today's busy world we all could use a little more convenience. We believe your healthcare should be convenient and supportive of your active lifestyle and that's why we offer concierge care. You get the same great holistic and natural care but from the convenience and privacy of your home.  Just set up an appointment and specify that you would like your visit to be done at home and we'll do the rest!
We are willing to drive within 45 minutes of our central location and will travel further with a pro-rated mileage fee added to the standard in-home visit fee.


 Kitchen Clean and Stock

We'll set you up for success! 

When you first begin to make dietary changes it's important that you  have the supplies on hand to make it easy to transition.  Getting to the store and finding the right products can be a very daunting and time-consuming task, unless you have someone do it for you!  
We offer a complete kitchen clean up and stock up service to make it easy for you to care for yourself and get on the road to reaching your nutritional goals.  We will come to your house and assess your kitchen storage needs, clean out the food storage areas, purchase the needed containers and fill your pantry with food to match your nutritional plan.  As a bonus we will leave you with a grocery shopping list and recipes to get you started!  You may even choose to add a food preparation demonstration to complete the convenience of this in-home service!

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