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You've Got Questions - We've Got Answers

  • What is naturopathic medicine and how are the doctors trained?
    Naturopathy is a form of primary care medicine that focus on health restoration and disease prevention through an integrative approach to treatment. The goal of naturopathic care is to uncover the root cause of illness and effect a cure by stimulating the body's natural healing capabilities in the least invasive way. Naturopathic doctors (N.D.s) are highly skilled healers who attend 4 years of medical school to learn a broad range of therapeutic modalities including: herbal medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, muscle & spine alignment, counseling, environmental medicine, pharmacology, and minor surgery. Many serious and chronic illnesses can be effectively and safely treated with naturopathy.
  • What's the difference between a naturopathic doctor (N.D.) and medical doctor (M.D)?
    An N.D. or naturopathic doctor is educated in much the same way as an M.D. or medical doctor with some notable inclusions such as nutrition, herbal medicine, physical medicine and homeopathy being part of the N.D's education. The biggest difference comes in the way a naturopath views health and treats the patient. M.D.s are training in the allopathic model which compartmentalizes illness through a taxonomy of names based on groups of symptoms (such as runny nose, fever, and chills relating to the common cold). The primary treatment modalities of the M.D. include prescription medications and surgery. Naturopathic doctors treat with lifestyle modifications first such as nutrition and exercise modifications and then have the option of adding hydrotherapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine and counseling to round out a holistic plan. If needed the naturopath is also trained to use pharmaceuticals and to perform minor surgery.
  • Do you take my medical insurance?
    As an emerging field of medicine, naturopathic services are covered differently by health insurance providers at this time. States that recognize the N.D. license are actively and aggressively working with providers to gain coverage. Because coverage differs by carrier and state, we recommend speaking with Dr. Bohlmann about your specific situation. We do understand that payment is a consideration for our patients, and we are working diligently to meet your financial needs with a variety of flexible options. It is our highest goal that your health needs are met with naturopathic care. For information about laws regarding insurance coverage of naturopathic services, please refer to this document from the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP).
  • What are your payment options?
    Dr. Bohlmann’s fees are listed on the website ( In general, the first visit is the most comprehensive and the recommended follow-up visits keep you on track. Payment is expected at time of service. We accept cash, credit cards, and checks. We offer advice on how to work with your insurance carrier for potential reimbursement of our fees (see the above section). Many employer-provided health and flexible spending accounts can be used for payment. Dr. Bohlmann offers health program packages that include valuable discounts, as well as incentives for repeat and follow up visits plus referrals, and occasional discounts on ordering supplements through our website. Dr. Bohlmann can advise you on all these options.
  • Can you prescribe medicines or help me eliminate my prescriptions?
    Naturopathic doctors are trained in pharmacology and how they interact and complement or counteract natural medicines and substances (including herbs, minerals, supplements, and certain foods). This means that while N.D.s are well-qualified to advise you on your current regime of medicines that might be prescribed by your other medical caregivers, N.D.s in the state of Maryland do not currently prescribe any pharmaceuticals. This applies to making changes to your current medications as well. An N.D. can advise you on changes to your prescription drug protocol, which you must then discuss with prescribing medical doctor before any changes should be made.
  • How will I benefit from treatment at Advantage Integrative Health?
    At Advantage Integrative Health we are trained to look at health from a "root cause" perspective. This means the doctor not only helps ease your symptoms, but guides you to understand why the symptoms are happening in the first place and how to keep them from returning. You are empowered to care for your body in the best way possible, naturally! Dr. Bohlmann is trained in herbal medicine, nutrition, physical medicine, pharmacology, minor surgery, homeopathy, environmental medicine and toxicology, energy medicine, hypnotherapy as well as counseling. You get a combination of training that other doctors just don't get which makes your experience more complete and holistic. Often the people who get the most benefit from our wellness programs are those who are ready to put in the personal effort to change their lifestyle and their lives. People come to us looking for answers when traditional medicine has not been successful or they want to take a more natural and holistic approach to finding out the root cause of the health challenge.
  • Can you be my primary doctor?
    Naturopathic doctors are highly trained through four years of post-graduate level medical school and the passing of two Board exams before obtaining a license to practice medicine. Laws governing the practice of naturopathic medicine vary state by state. See here for the laws in Maryland. Currently, N.D.s practicing in Maryland serve as part of your medical team, providing supplementary and complementary medical care rather than serving as your primary care physician. Dr. Bohlmann provides care for your whole family within this structure.
  • What health conditions do you treat?
    Because we believe best view of your health is total and holistic, our focus is on balancing the body mechanically, metabolically, and mentally. Within this perspective, we treat a wide variety of heath conditions see here for more details. With our practice, you will have a diagnosis based on your presenting symptoms, and treatment will be focused on balancing your individual, total body - not just treating specific "diseases" or "conditions."
  • Can you tell me what nutritional supplements to buy?
    N.D.s are specifically trained in the efficacy of vitamins, minerals, vitamins, homeopathy, and a range of other natural substances intended to heal and promote wellness. As these all serve as medicines, you are advised to use these only under the recommendation and supervision of an N.D. This is even more important if you are using these in addition to prescribed pharmaceuticals given to you by other medical caregivers. Dr. Bohlmann can provide this advice as part of your treatment plan. To make it easier for you, you can order supplements he recommends through his website
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