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Advantage Integrative Health provides Naturopathic treatment for a large variety of health concerns.  Whether it's digestive issues, desire to lose weight, sagging energy, aches and pains or even a concern related to overall balance in your emotional or spiritual life, you will find relief here!  Our treatments focus on balancing YOU as a person so that your body can return to health and stay there!

What to Expect During Your first Appointment

Most patients who are new to Naturopathy are pleasantly surprised by how thorough the first office visit is.

To help uncover your true health needs you will experience the following:

  • A thorough review of your pre-visit metabolic assessment and health history form

  • A thorough review of your most recent lab work - from a functional medicine perspective

  • An in-office nutrient and pH screening to help determine where nutritional support is needed

  • An iridology study of your body systems and their function

  • A discussion about the emotional content behind physical symptoms (as it applies to you individually)

  • Physical exam as needed

  • Review of findings and diagnosis 

  • Treatment options 

We cover a lot of ground, and you will be amazed by the insights gained by this holistic approach to care!


Balance Your Immune Response

Allergies & Auto-Immunity

Supportive Treatment

Cancer Care

"Let food be your medicine"

Clinical Nutrition

Naturally Balance Blood Sugar


Healing from the Inside

Digestive Disorders

Optimize you Health

Functional Wellness Consultation

Healthy Choices for teens and young adults

Family Medicine

Intake and Treatment

Homeopathic Medicine

Relaxation and Internal Cleansing


Naturally regain strength and stamina

Men's Health

Balance Your Energies

Mind-Body & Energy Medicine

Ease Your Aches and Pains

Physical Medicine

Sleep Easily and Peacefully

Sleep Support

Remote Health Consultation


Endocrine System Support

Thyroid & Adrenals

Meet the Healthier, Fitter You!

Weight Management

In-home Services

Concierge Medicine

Clear your system

Detox Programs

At Advantage Integrative Health, we believe each person has the innate ability to heal. We employ different strategies based on your individual case history in order to unlock that ability in you.

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