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Intake and Treatment

Considered one form of energy medicine, homeopathy was first introduced by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1796.  It has a long history as a powerful healing tool.  Literally translated homeopathy means "same suffering" and uses the premise of "like cures like" to match an individual to a remedy.  The homeopathic doctor takes a very detailed history to get a full picture of the patient's symptoms (suffering) then selects the single homeopathic remedy to balance the total symptom picture.  Traditional homeopaths like Dr. Bohlmann will always use one remedy at a time as Dr. Hahnemann did because this is the only way to know what the medicine is actually doing for the patient.    The remedies are created using nano-particles of natural substances and delivered to the patient using a sugar pellet. 

Although homeopathy isn't the only healing modality used at Advantage Integrative Health, we welcome patients who wish to explore homeopathy as part of their healing journey.

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