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Remote Health Consultation

Today's healthcare landscape is changing dramatically.  Not only are we seeing more top quality holistic medical practices like Advantage Integrative Health taking root and supporting patient's complete health, but now we are seeing that the barriers of in-office wellness visits are being torn down by the remote office consultation also known as telemedicine. The combination of the two provides top-quality wellness programs for health recovery and maintenance and total convenience!  Your telemedicine consultation makes wellness possible anywhere in the world!  It's easy to get started.  Just follow the steps listed below  to begin!


Telemedicine terms and conditions



Step 1 - Set Up Your Free 15 Minute Introduction Call

This introductory call is important in determining if you are a candidate for our telemedicine wellness programs.  You'll get a chance to ask questions about the program and the practitioner can help you understand what is necessary for telemedicine wellness consultation to be successful for you.  Send your request to

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Step 2 - Complete and submit the online intake form

Our online intake form is designed to streamline the initial intake and to allow you and the practitioner a chance to review your health history and how it relates to your current health status.  This form is very thorough and it is worth your time to be clear and accurate to ensure you get all of your health concerns addressed in a holistic way.

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Step 3 - Gather your current lab results for review

It's likely that you have some current lab work that can be used to create your customized wellness program.  You will be asked to upload the reports during your initial paperwork.  If you have online access to your results, allowing your practitioner access to view them will streamline your program even further.


Step 4- Complete your initial telemedicine wellness consultation

You and your practitioner discuss your health relating your lab work and your responses from the intake form.  You will get a big picture view of what it all means from a naturopathic, holistic and functional perspective.  Initial wellness program options will be discussed, including costs of each option.  Your commitment will be needed before you will receive your full program plan.


Step 5 - Receive your personalized wellness program and get started optimizing your health

A complete wellness program will be emailed to you.  This program cover the first three months with details of each month clearly laid out so you can understand them.  If supplementation of any kind is required, you will also receive a link to our wellness dispensary where you can purchase what is needed to complete your program.

wellness plan.jpg

Step 6 - Follow Up!

The effectiveness of your personalized wellness program relies heavily on continued guidance and support.  You should never feel alone when trying to make important changes to your health.  This is so important that the first month of follow up consultation is free.  The first is typically scheduled for 1 week after receiving your personalized wellness program and any recommended supplements.  Each follow up will be scheduled for 15 minutes to "touch base" and allow you to ask questions regarding the implementation of your plan.  Subsequent follow up visits will be charged per 15 minute increments depending on your need at the time.  See our fee schedule page for details.

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Will Dr. Bohlmann make a diagnosis using my health information?

No.  The relationship created in the telemedicine consultation is not a doctor-patient relationship, so we do not make diagnoses.  We use your lab information only to make wellness recommendations.  You are still fully responsible for your health choices and in no way is your wellness program to take the place of your primary care physician's recommendations.
If you would like to establish a formal doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Bohlmann, feel free to contact him to set up an office visit.

What health "conditions" do you treat?

With telemedicine our focus is on balancing the body's metabolic processes not treating diseases or conditions.  By looking at specific lab markers we make recommendations for balancing your health holistically.

Who can benefit from your treatments?

Often the people who get the most benefit from our wellness programs are those who are ready to put in the personal effort to change their lifestyle and their lives.  People come to us looking for answers when traditional medicine has not been successful.

Why don't you take my insurance?

We are not establishing a doctor-patient relationship, so insurance does not recognize the programs offered.  Many times the metabolic testing required to find the underlying causes of illness are not covered by insurance companies.  We want to give you the best possible solutions to balance your health, and unfortunately insurance companies are not up to speed with the value of functional metabolic testing.

How much does a telemedicine consult cost?

A telemedicine consultation gives you a comprehensive overview of your health and how to balance it.  The initial $475 fee covers the first big steps in getting your health back.  It includes:

  • Our initial discussion

  • Review of your health history form

  • Review of your existing labs

  • Recommendations for further labs

  • Your initial individualized wellness program

  • Three follow-up consults to be scheduled during you 3 month program

The initial fee does not include the cost of labs or the cost of nutraceuticals to fulfill your wellness program recommendations.  Full details will be given to you at the beginning of your program as part of our wellness program agreement.

Will I see immediate results?

Results can vary from person to person depending upon the severity of the imbalance, the degree of personal involvement and commitment to recovery, and length of time the imbalance has been present.   For most issues it can take approximately one-three months per year the issue has been present for balance to return.  We do not guarantee individual results, but we are confident that the more committed you are to recovery the faster it happens.


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