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How we view health and medical treatment at Advantage Integrative Health

Each of us is a unique combination of physical, mental, chemical and spiritual characteristics which must interact in balance and harmony to create the conditions for health.  Better defined "creating the conditions for health" means that the obstacles which block the recovery of health are gently and safely removed and the proper supportive treatment is given to ensure the free flow of healing energy in the body.  

Because of the uniqueness of each individual it is impossible to treat one person's illness the same as another person's even though the illness may be known by the same name (such as a "cold").  Individualized treatment must be the norm

The individual has his or her own life experiences, thoughts, concerns, favorite food choices etc. and personal living environment.  This makes individualized care the only way to handle recovery from illness and to maintain optimal health.

I believe in meeting each patient where they are as an individual so we can connect and healing can occur.  How I (and fellow naturopathic doctors) view health and treatment is best described visually with the growing tree as a model.  Click here to view this model.  I use this model to support patients in building, rebuilding and maintaining robust health.  

When the conditions for health have been created, it is expected that three phases of life processes will be functioning optimally.  These phases are:

  1. Assimilation - This means that high quality food is eaten and nutrients are effectively extracted from it then made available to the body.  It also means that a person is able to see the opportunities in life to support health and is willing to engage in them.  The tasks of the day are recognized for their importance and are completed mindfully and joyfully.

  2. Integration - A person can use the nutrients taken in through food and drink.  The nutrients are efficiently used to rebuild and maintain a strong, healthy body.  Experiences are fully understood for their importance in your life and therefore have a positive influence on the memory and emotional structure of the mind.  Emotional pain from the past is understood and forgiven. 

  3. Elimination - That which is not needed is safely and effectively removed from the body and psyche.  This means that you optimize the waste pathways of the physical body (sweat, urine and feces) to avoid reabsorbing metabolic waste.  This also means that you process emotional hurt with healthy perspective to avoid reliving the same painful scenarios or worse yet dumping your pain on unsuspecting victims (especially your closest relationships)! 

Each of these areas may take some time and effort to balance; however, the value to yourself and society is immeasurable!​

I look forward to meeting you and helping you overcome the barriers keeping you from living a full, healthy and happy life.  

Call today to schedule a brief consult and get started on the road to creating the conditions for your health!

In Health, 

Dr. Bohlmann


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