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Our eyes are the windows to our souls and to the health of our bodies.

Iridology "the study of the iris" has been used by health practitioners for decades to help resolve health imbalances.

The way fiber patterns and colors appear in the iris can point to potential health imbalances (and their corrections).  
This is a non-medical service in which you will be asked to provide close-up pictures of your eyes, so Dr. Bohlmann can create a personalized report for you - including potential imbalances and system weaknesses so they can be addressed adequately using natural options.  


Consider pairing this report with our mineral and pH screening for a more thorough picture of your body's current health status.

Iridology Report

  • The Iridology Report combines perfectly with our Nutrient and pH Screening Kit.

    For an even deeper understanding of your health you can coose to have a professional analysis of your Nutrient & pH screening results by Dr. John Bohlmann.

    Together these offer great insight into the health and nutrition status of body.  

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