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  • Dr. John Bohlmann, N.D.

Using Taste and Smell to Guide Nutritional Choices

Sensorial pathway

Greetings everyone!

Thank you all for your interest in Advantage Integrative Health.

I met a lot of wonderful, health conscious people this past weekend at Living Well Foods in Silver Spring. Maryland and it’s just great to see so much interest in natural health!

Many people took part in the mineral taste-test and found

some very interesting results. I was able to talk with several

of the individuals about the results and how they could be

related to their overall picture of health. I wish I could have met with everyone personally but we were doing tests for several people at a time

towards the end of the day just to make sure everyone

got the opportunity to find out what their body needs.

Here’s a brief description of the taste-test in case you missed it: Through our senses we are best able to determine what is best for our body to both protect it, maintain it and to repair it. The senses of taste ad smell are very intimately tied together and are meant to help us choose both what to eat and what to avoid! In the taste-test we are determining if our bodies need these particular nutrients based on our reaction to each of them. In short, if it tastes good or has very little taste, then our bodies require more of it in our diet. If it tastes badly, it is likely we have enough or even too much in our system already, so there’s no need to add it to our diets and may need to reduce our intake. The importance of mineral balance in the body cannot be emphasized enough! Our foods don’t carry as much nutrient as in years past due to depletion from the soil, so many people are deficient in these life-giving nutrients. It’s not uncommon to find that you need all of the nutrients you test. Using liquid drops as a daily supplement is a very effective way to ensure you get enough of these nutrients in your diet.

Let’s face it, we’re not eating perfectly every day, and even if we

do eat well, we still tend to fall short of our needs as many people find

when doing the taste-test.

One question that came up during the course of the day was,

“Will my lab work show these deficiencies?”

The answer is, “Maybe, maybe not.”

Our bodies will do everything possible to keep the blood within

balance especially in electrolytes and minerals. So taking a regular

blood sample to look for these minerals may not show any deficiency,

but the body still may be suffering from inadequate supplies. I think of

a person with osteoporosis who has perfect calcium levels in her

blood test results but bones without it! Her body literally steals from the

bones to keep the blood in balance!!!

You may already know this, but the minimum daily

requirements for nutrients reported by government agencies

reflects the minimum requirement to avoid deficiency,

not necessarily the amounts needed to adequately function and repair.

More importantly, each person’s needs are unique!

There are ways to test for many of these nutrients as well as vitamin

status in your body, and I recommend these tests for patients when

they are needed.

But why not use your God-given sense of taste (and smell)

to determine your needs for these critical nutrients? Our beautiful

and complex nervous system is so much more sensitive to our immediate

and unique needs, so it just makes sense to pay attention to it!

Here are a few insights into why I personally use these liquids

on a daily basis.

  • It’s hard to eat well enough to supply these nutrients adequately

  • Liquid form is easier to absorb than capsule or tablet

  • It’s easier to take liquid than swallow a pill (just mix in juice or water)

  • It’s personalized based on your own taste-test results

  • You can supplement the whole family individually

  • It’s an inexpensive way to boost your health

  • Each bottle can last for several months

  • You can easily adjust doses based on weekly taste-tests

Because of the massive interest in these products, I want to let you know

how you can get them!

It’s easy:

1 - Just go to my practice’s online dispensary at the following link:

2- follow the simple account set-up directions on the screen

3- go to my product catalogue section labeled “Minerals & Electrolytes”

4- Choose the products you want

(I recommend the E-lyte electrolytes concentrate and complete testing

kit plus iodine if you are not sensitive to iodine. Owning the whole set is the best value and you can always buy individuals to refill as needed)

5- Check out and they are on the way to you’re doorstep and you

are on your way to optimizing you body!

Use the minerals to supplement your body daily based on regular taste testing (once a week is good) and pay attention to the way your body feels as you give it the nutrients it needs to perform!

Live well and stay well!

Dr. Bohlmann

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