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  • Dr. John Bohlmann, N.D.

"Plugging In" to the Healing Potential of Energy Medicine

All of life is energy and without energy there is no life. Living organisms rely on balanced energy movement to maintain homeostasis. Energy is created at the molecular level as particles interact to move across membranes and/or down chemical gradients. This energy production requires that the physical structure (membranes) be intact and that there is an adequate supply of particles (nutrient). Production of energy is not the end goal; however, it must be distributed appropriately and efficiently. Like the electricity in your house, you want it to be available where and when it is needed. But what happens when there is a problem in production and/or distribution of energy?? And if there is a problem, how do you find and correct it??

These questions are at the leading edge of medical studies of all kinds. They are also foundational questions in healing systems such as acupuncture, naturopathy and chiropractic.

In his book, The Body Electric, Dr. Robert Becker suggests that our bodies have unlimited regenerative potential that is monitored and directed by subtle energies which are continuously circulating throughout the body and supported by nutrient supply. If this is true as Dr. Becker's research suggests, then tapping into this subtle energy system could reveal an enormous amount of information about the health status of the body at any given time!

While Dr. Becker was tapping into the body's subtle energies for the sake of exploring the physical aspects of healing, a prominent psychiatrist, Dr. David Hawkins, discovered that the subtle energies in the human body held the potential to aid us in a much broader way. Dr. Hawkins became aware that a simple "muscle testing" system called applied kinesiology could connect him and his testing subject to the subtle energy of the body for the purpose of asking questions of universal importance. He discovered that he could ask any 'yes' or 'no' question and the subtle energies of the body would produce the answer!

He put this discovery to use in his exploration of human consciousness and documents his work in the soul-inspiring book, Power vs. Force.

Dr. Hawkins' complete body of work is highly recommended reading.

One of the key aspects of Dr. Hawkins' discovery was that the subtle energies of the body would respond to the 'yes' or 'no' questions in a consistent way. If the answer to the question was 'yes' and therefore congruent with the constructive potential of life, the subtle energies would flow freely through the body producing a "strong" muscular response. If the answer to the question was "no" and therefore incongruent with life, the opposite would occur and the test subject would produce a "weakened" muscular response. This implies that the body's subtle energies are somehow "plugged in" to a source of "knowing" that can help direct you to anything that has the potential to be constructive and likewise direct you away from anything that has the potential to be destructive!!!

Consider the magnitude of this statement...the subtle energies in your body are continuously tapped in to a universal truth that can guide you to the most constructive potential just by asking!

Imagine having a highly trained health practitioner who could put this concept to work for your benefit!!! You could ask ANY question related to your health and get the answer that would be most constructive for you!!!

Do you want to know if a certain food will be helpful for you?

Do you want to know if a supplement is needed?

Do you want to know if an old negative emotion is blocking your healing?

Do you want to know where blocks of any kind are?

Just ask!!!

No question is off limits!!!

The deeper beauty of this comes when you understanding that the subtle energies of your body are continuously tracking and directing ALL processes throughout your entire lifetime. It knows the origin of all symptoms even before you feel them. If there is a problem starting anywhere in the body, you can catch it before it becomes advanced enough to create troublesome symptoms!

This keeps your energy pathways clear and is truly preventive medicine!!!

As if all of this is not amazing enough, an even more profound discovery about energy medicine is that it can be done from anywhere! You don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home or even be in the same place as your practitioner.

The questions can be asked from anywhere!!!

This is possible because your subtle energies are tapped into the universal truth which is consistently available to everyone, everywhere! This may seem like a stretch of the imagination, but I've personally seen it in action with great benefit!

Here's how your consultation goes:

First, you state the intention of your consultation (why you are seeking help). This guides the question-and-answer process as we seek solutions.

Your practitioner begins by asking 'yes' or 'no' questions and tracking the response from your body's subtle energy system.

If energy blocks are discovered, your practitioner helps you understand what is needed to clear them based on the guidance of your subtle energy system. This process continues until your subtle energy system has revealed all the information that you need at the present time to move forward constructively in your life.

To make the question-and-answer process both simple and efficient, I use an extremely intuitive program called "The Body Code". This system of mind maps allows me to offer questions to your body's subtle energy, so it can quickly and effectively guide your healing process.

"The Body Code" includes broad topics such as:

  • Trapped emotions

  • Toxic exposures

  • Pathogens

  • Physical misalignments

  • Nutrition & lifestyle

  • Body circuits & systems

and it allows us to become very detailed as we go further into your inquiry.

The potential relief through the use of energy medicine is virtually unlimited!

If you've been suffering from a condition for a long time and have not found answers, energy medicine may offer the perspective needed to begin movement towards healing. Even if you're feeling good but want to do preventive care or explore another aspect of life such as business, relationship or finances, energy medicine can help. All areas of life run smoothly when your subtle energy is flowing without resistance!


Are you ready to get

"Plugged In" to

Energy Medicine?


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